Westjet Blue Santa

In December of 2015, I was lucky to join the Westjet Blue Santa team while on assignment for the Calgary Herald with writer Gwendolyn Richards on a cross Canada trip in 24-hours. We started in Halifax, NS at 4:00 am and finished in Vancouver at midnight that night. Our stops included Halifax (or Truro) were we surprised a family, Toronto, where we went to the CN Tower, Calgary – a brief crew changeover stop, Yellowknife where Blue Santa Dog Sledded and finally into Vancouver where we went to the British Columbia Ronald McDonald House.

Visually the highlight was Yellowknife where I captured this image. Riding in a dog sled in -20C weather on a quiet frozen lake. This was a difficult image to capture but I was happy the LED lights on the sled gave me enough light to illuminate him and the sled.

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